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Songs from the Journey: Part 3 (2022)

And now for something completely different...

Songs from the Journey, Part 3 is an unrestrained and personal collection of new music from Casanova which is a departure both sonically and tonally. The songs on this album pushes us from the heights of praise to the depths of worship, humility, and surrender with a desire for a deeper walk with God. This is NOT your Sunday morning experience; it is the peaks and valleys after the church doors close. 


Experience the otherworldly sounds of "Away," the bouncy groove of "Never Lied," the jazzy "Lost," and smooth throwback sounds of "Like You."

Songs from the Journey, Part 3
Songs from the Journey: Part 2 (2020)

Songs from the Journey: Part 2 is a live praise and worship celebration continuing the commemoration of Casanova's 20 years of music worship and music ministry. This two-disc album was recorded at Judah Christian Community in Columbus Ohio, which is also Casanova's home church. 

This album features live versions of "Jesus I Love You," "Stir the Waters," and "You Are First" from A Worshiper Mentality, a new recording of "No Fear" from Worship and Word Encounter: The Outpouring, and a brand-new song "Have Your Way."

Songs from the Journey: Part 2
Songs from the Journey: Part 1 (2019)

Songs from the Journey: Part 1 is a celebration of 20 years of worship and music ministry recorded live at New Connections Worship Center in Lancaster, OH. This project and its sequel are a renaissance which highlights Casanova's personal and musical growth and provides a window into the future. 

Songs From The Journey 1
You Are Stronger (2017)

"You Are Stronger" was commissioned by a friend who wanted a song for someone who was battling cancer. This song is a declaration and affirmation of the strength and power of God in our every day lives. 

You Are Stronger
Worship and Word- Outpouring
Worship and Word Encounter: The Outpouring (2017)

Worship and Word Encounter: The Outpouring is the raw live recording of an April 2016 Worship and Word Encounter. This 2-CD album shows Casanova in his element as a worship leader and preacher. Disc 1 is the original music including "You Are First" and the extended version of "Stir the Waters" from A Worshiper Mentality and newly released songs "No Fear" and "I Just Want You."

Disc 1 was originally released as the EP I Just Want You: Songs from the Outpouring.

A Worshiper Mentality
A Worshiper Mentality (2016)

Inspired by artists ranging from William Murphy to Jesus Culture, Casanova Green uses his uniquely powerful voice and transparent lyrics to answer this question in his release, A Worshiper Mentality.

A Worshiper Mentality is an eight-song journey examining the question of true worship and the Christian life. The title is derived from John 4:23-24 (KJV): "But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

Each song builds upon the theme of a surrendered life that is devoted to God and seeks to live in his presence. The entire CD is designed to speak to the personal experience of worship and corporate praise and worship. From the soulful ballad "Surrender" and the energetic, pop-influence declaration of "Giant Slayer" to the jazz-inspired and invoking prayer of "Stir The Waters," A Worshiper Mentality is designed to speak to many generations, cultures, and denominations and unify the Body of Christ in worship and revival.

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