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#WRITETRUTH is a four-part online creative writing lecture series that is designed to help both new and experience writers develop and expand their writing and creative skills. We are living in a historic season and many people are exploring writing as both a form of historical record and as a way to process and heal from what is happening during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The goal for these sessions is to help people be able to start their creative journey and give them tools to be able to write effectively and healthily.

The Sessions

April 21- "It Shall Spring Forth: Making Writing Revelatory"

This reflective and informative session discusses moving past personal barriers to create writing that reveals new things to both yourself and to your readers.

April 28- "The Writing Process: The Full Story"

This session is the nuts and bolts of the writing process for all genres including discussion about publication and strategies for poets and fiction and nonfiction writers.

May 5: "When Trauma Becomes Your Truth"

This session will dig deeper into topics discussed in "It Shall Spring Forth: Making Writing Revelatory" through discussing the effects of trauma, how trauma informs your writing, and how writing can be used as a mechanism for healing.

May 12: "Writing from a Faith Place"

This session will talk about using your faith or religious beliefs in your writing with the goal of reaching people while still talking about your reality.


Each session will be offered online via Webex and will last about an hour.

Since this is the first time I will be doing the session, the cost is "Pay What You Can." I would like to leave this open to as many people as possible. The suggested donation is $25 per session or $80 for all four sessions. You will be able to pay when you register online.

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